A mobile application focused on promoting the communities trails and parks.
The Community Health Improvement Plan is looking for a mobile application to promote various trails and parks in Ada, Michigan.
We will improve mental and physical well-being of our community while decreasing anxiety, depression, and stress in our community through access to trails and parks.

Developing user flows enabled me to identify specific pathways that would integrate the insights found from user interviews into the experience.

When exploring near you, individuals are able to easily access detailed information about each trail and view their accomplishments. 

“I struggle with seeing what point I am at on the trail, sometimes the signs are old too which doesn’t help much.”

Once started on a trail, the app provides an active pin point to your current position for real-time tracking and directions. This helps to provide helpful information of trail markers and other landmarks along the way.
“Most of my exercise consists of walking and running in nearby parks. Finding new ones I could try would be nice to try out to change it up.”

Individuals can revisit previously completed trails along with new ones in the area, while also incorporating features to change the proximity range if desired.
The ability to connect with friends and see their achievements allows for continued encouragement throughout the community for mental and physical enrichment.
Along with the mobile application, Apple Watch pairing allows for a more hands free experience while continuing to receive all of the helpful information while on the trail.

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