A conference aimed at broadening the view of AI in Design.
Design and develop the identity extended to a broad set of communications for a compelling design conference designed for people who work in many industries in tech, education, non-profits, and business. The focus of this conference is in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Design.

In order create a full picture view, multiple parts must come together to provide a better understanding. Vision Con creates a heightened knowledge of what we can expect in the future from the intersecting fields.
Figma, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
User Journey
TRISH, Designer
​​​​​​​Evolve: Showcases the evolution of AI and how it is affecting the design field.
Intersect: Highlights the cross section between the parts of AI and fundamentals of design.
Vision: Provides a fuller and broader view of design possibilities than before with the incorporation of both working together.
Pulling inspiration from the human eye, VisionCon23 explores the concept of various components coming together to create a comprehensive view, akin to the cone and rod cells in the eye. ​​​

During Trish's journey, she purchases a ticket through the website for two days in person. Applying the insights from her past journey of her frustration with the purchasing process continues to help better her experience at from start to finish at VisionCon23.
Various digital and printed media types help draw potential attenders eyes while giving them helpful information about the conference.
Signage around the facility and the OpenEye chat kiosk, whether used online or at the conference, serve as helpful way finding tools for any attendee who may have questions. The incorporation of AI tools provides an easier way of finding information, while also being relevant to the conference topic. 

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